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A Day In The Open - ...is a folky pocketful of joy, reflection, and a dash of quirky humor.

 1. A Gathering of Spirits  2. O Snow  3. Annie's Choice  4. The Angel Of Longpoint  5. She Lies    6. Wild Iris  7. I Won't Say  8. Roadside Raggedy  9. Nicest Places  10. One I Love  11. As Long As I'm Here

Pieces of Time - Songs for, and about quilts, quilters, and the people who love them.

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The Apologetic Chef - A collection of recipes, with notes from my kitchen.

I wrote a weekly column called "The Apologetic Chef" for a couple of years. This book contains most of those recipes, plus a few more, with notes. Real food from real ingredients. Nothing too fancy, but all "regulars' in my kitchen. 

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 17
    Private Event,  Frankfort
  • Oct 23
    Fall Knitting Weekend,  Gaylord
  • Oct 30
    International Book Fair,  Sharjah
  • Nov 7
    Word Compass Retreat for Writers November 7 - 10,  Gaylord
  • Nov 21
    Georgian Quilt Guild,  Meaford