Pieces of Time - A Musical Trunk Show

Songs, Stories, Quilts
I've been writing and singing songs about quilts, the people who make them, and the ones who love them since 2013. What began as a scrap of an Idea, has become much more.  Pieces of Time, a Musical Trunk Show combines the songs I sing with approximately 50 collected vintage, antique, and family heritage quilts.

I grew up with my Grandmother in the house. She was a quilter and taught me about color, pattern, and the simple joy of sewing bits of cloth together. She told me stories, and never complained about having me underfoot. 

Our house always had music, too. Mom played the organ at the Baptist church and the piano at home. Dad played classic country music singers on the big HiFi...Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells,  Eddie Arnold... and when I was 11 years old,  he bought me a guitar; sealing my fate. 

Music and quilts. Both have the ability to invoke memories, soothe the spirit, warm the soul, and create community.

Pieces of Time stitches the two together. Through song, story, and antique quilts, I'll take you along on a happy trip through time and place. You'll laugh, and you'll cry, and maybe view the quilts in your life just a bit differently.

Program length - approximately 60 minutes.

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"We've had trunk shows, and we've had music. But this is the best program we've ever had for our guild." - Oakland County Quilters

"Best program ever!" - Petoskey Quilt Guild

"It was so great to listen to you in person.  You have a lovely voice, a great sense of humor and ease of presenting that totally engaged your audience." - Council, Idaho Quilt Show

"We will have you back!" - Cameo Quilt Guild - Clawson, MI

"Thank you for the entertainment, laughter, and sharing your wonderful quilts and stories!" - Crazy Quilters of Mukwanago - Mukwanago, WI

"I am still thinking about your presentation last night. It was such a lovely celebration of quilts and music, and the singing and laughter made us all feel great."   - Brenda D. 

"Our guild hosted AnnMarie Rowland last night and I am still replaying the evening in my mind. In her trunk show, Pieces of Time, AnnMarie shared an amazing collection of antique quilts, while singing songs about quilts and family. She also related stories about quilts and woven throughout was a message for all quilters about the importance of saving and sharing our quilt stories. It was a magical evening for all: AnnMarie’s beautiful voice and songs and her delightful sense of humour kept us spellbound, and it was such a pleasure to see such a variety of beautiful old quilts. I would heartily recommend AnnMarie to book if your Guild is looking for a memorable  
evening!"  - the Grand Quilt Guild, Fergus, ON 

"Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the feedback from our tea has been excellent. Everyone I have spoken to enjoyed your presentation. Thanks again."         Haldimand Quilt Guild, Hagersville, ON




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Pieces of Time

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